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Corporate Social Responsibility

Olympic Entertainment Group AS is a socially responsible Group that stands for transparency of business and high ethical standards, continuously invests in the development of its business, implements necessary measures to prevent money laundering, offers secure services and environment to its clients, and respects their privacy. The Group operates only under the laws established by states and has always been one of the initiators of development of legislation and enactment of necessary regulations. In continuous cooperation with local state authorities, we strive to develop the gaming market according to the highest standards and ensure protection to our clients in cooperation with the regulators of the given field. The Group contributes to the welfare of community by continuously attending charity programmes and supporting athletic, cultural, children’s’ health and welfare. In addition, the Group invests in its employees, supporting their professional and social development.

In its operations, Olympic Entertainment Group is guided by four main values of the Group:

Passion for service




As a responsible company, we are part of society and we behave accordingly in all our business areas. We regularly attend charity programmes and worthy projects and, through this, support social initiatives that make our living environment better. As a socially responsible company, Olympic Entertainment Group allocates a certain part of its budget to charity. The sponsored areas are sports, culture and social affairs. As regards the sports, we support the best known and loved areas of sport. In social fields, we prefer projects related to children; in cultural fields we base our sponsorship on the scope of a particular project.

Charity and support 2018:


  • Estonian Basketball Association
  • Estonian Olympic Committee
  • FC Infonet MTÜ support
  • Spordiselts MTÜ
  • Estonian Paralympic Committee
  • Tallinn Jacht club MTÜ
  • Nõmme BSC MTÜ
  • Hockey club Narva Stars
  • Estonian Cultural Capital
  • Sports club ALL STARS
  • The Estonian National Culture Foundation
  • Estonian Football Association
  • Latvian Basketball Association
  • Society “ESI BRIVS” (be free from addictions)
  • Liepaja Diabetes Society
  • ‘’Gaudeamus” tournament support
  • Society ‘’ Ritentiņš” ( children playground)
  • Society " Jauniešu kustībai" (Support youth sports )
  • Žalgiris Basketball team support
  • Klaipėda Amateur Basketball League support
  • Vapasport support
  • National Poker Club support
  • Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce,
  • Industry and Crafts
  • Mixed Martial Arts Support
  • Public institution "M.A.M.A. Entertainment"
  • Jonas Valančiūnas Support Foundation
  • Vilnius Sports Bridge Club
  • HC Slovan Hockey Club support
  • Angels in Motion (HC Slovan Cheerleaders) support
  • HC Bratislava Hockey Club support
  • Ms HK Zilina hockey club support
  • HK Kosice hockey club support
  • FC Spartak Trnava football club support
  • Košičan roka 2017 charity evening support
  • Miss Fodomodella de Europe
  • (Slovakia) support
  • Miss Carat Tunning support
  • Aelegia Sport Club charity event support
  • Legnano Basket Knights team support
  • Marigold Foundation Malta

Olympic Entertainment Group actively involves its employees in carrying out charity events. We have initiated a movement during which we strive to jointly carry out different good acts. For example: blood donation, joint collection of gifts to those in need. It is important that the employees contribute their time and energy, rather than collect only money. Our experience confirms that the time dedicated to and spent with those in need is even more important than money.

Welfare of employees

The Group has developed a system of additional remuneration for its employees that encourages the team members to continuously improve their performance. Each year, the Group prepares a training plan according to the needs identified during the annual development conversations. Women are not preferred over men and vice versa. Continuous work is made to prevent risks in the working environment; also work satisfaction surveys are conducted to improve the welfare of employees.